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Who do I call in an emergency?

For general problems like leaks and other handyman duties, please called Hive Building and Maintenance on 07469 720 035 or 020 7112 8762.  Their website is


If you have a power cut and it appears to be block wide, please contact UK Power Networks at or on 0800 31 63 105. They are responsible for all the power infrastructure regardless of your electricity provider.

If you think there is a fault with the building's fire alarm system, gate or electronic access system, please contact Bromley Security on 0845 094 8689 or email them.


If there is a fault with the building's lift, please contact the lift maintenance company that is posted in the lift.


If there is a drainage issue like an overflowing sewer on the property, please click on the Dynorod link or call them on 0800 084 1113.


If you need a locksmith, please call Portcullis Locksmiths on 07828 144426 or email them. Please note that for your own flat door, you will be responsible for the cost.


If you are experiencing anti social behaviour or feel threatened, please call the police. Dial 999 if you are in immediate danger or dial 101 for incidents not requiring an immediate response.


If you are experiencing a noise disturbance, please call your local council who keep a log of repeat offenders.  Click on this link

What items are the leaseholder's responsibility for the cost of maintenance and repair?

Broadly speaking everything between the joists in the floor and the joists in the ceiling of your flat are your responsibility.  Any conduit (ie. pipe, wire) that serves exclusively your flat, is also your responsibility.  This means that leaks that come from your dishwasher connection or a pipe from your bath or shower is your responsibility.


Typically the window frames and glass and all doors of your flat are your responsibility except the external surfaces for redecoration.  

What does buildings insurance cover?

We take out annual buildings insurance to cover "events" like fire, storm damage and floods.  Insurance companies generally don't cover the repair of a leak unless it was due to an event like a storm.  Insurance companies maintain that the leak was a maintenance issue.  However, any redecoration needed from a leak (which is an event) is covered by the insurance policy.  Insurance will also cover the cost in finding the leak.  Note that all these claims will be subject to an excess of typically around £250-350 depending on the nature of the claim.


Note that as a landlord you might want to buy landlord's insurance or home contents insurance to cover the items in your flat.


Note that you may wish to buy boiler insurance to cover the boiler which is often excluded specifically from the other policies.  You should check this with your insurer.


If a leak is found in the flat below that was caused by your shower, then it will be your responsibility to pay for the redecoration.  If you make a claim through the buildings insurance policy, you will be liable for the excess.

Do I need my own Sky dish to receive Sky TV?

In most cases, blocks have a communal satellite dish which then has a multiswitch to distribute the signal to each flat.  You will need a Sky box and valid subscription to decode and use the signal.


In the rare instance that each flat uses their own Sky dish, you will need to contact us to obtain the freeholder's permission under the terms of the lease.  Many people consider the use of individual satellite dishes as unsightly and if there are too many individual dishes in a block, we may choose to use a communal dish and multiswitch setup.

Where are leaseholders' money kept?

Leaseholders' money is kept in separated client accounts which earn interest.

What payment facilities do you offer?

You can pay by bank transfer, standing order, direct debit or cheque.  We always offer a few options to help you spread your payments out over the year.

Why do you have to do regular health and fire safety checks?

Communal areas are classed as places of work for contractors doing jobs on the property so they come under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974).


The Regulatory reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires that all multiple occupation buildings should have an assessment carried out and all significant findings should be recorded.

I am a flat owner yet why am I called a leaseholder?

You are a flat owner and may have a tenant renting your flat in which case you are a landlord.  However, the flat you own is actually leased for a long period of time, usually 125 years, from a freeholder (also called landlord).  In this freeholder's eyes, you are a leaseholder.  The freeholder may appoint a managing agent to look after the maintenance of the common areas as prescribed in your long lease (of 125 years).

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